Best airline for business travellers - Long haul routes

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Best airline for business travellers - Long haul routes

  • *No. aircraft and average age
  • *Destinations
  • *If so, which, what features does it have and what advantages does it offer passengers?
  • *How many, where they are located, services offered to business travellers
  • *No. members, partners, benefits, etc.
  • *Web check-in, apps, web connection, innovative on board services, new rates, etc.

    Contextually to the compilation of the questionnaires for the candidacy, in order to confirm the adhesion it is requested:

    1 - Candidacy for one prize: the candidacy for 1 prize requires an investment of € 820.00 + vat and entitles you to 2 seats at the gala.
    2 - Candidacy for two prizes: the application for two prizes requires an investment of € 1,640.00 + VAT and entitles the holder to 4 places at the gala.
    3 - Candidacy for three prizes and more: candidacy for 3 or more prizes requires an investment of € 2.050,00 + VAT and gives the right to 5 places at the gala evening.

    The gala evening is scheduled for April 4, 2022 in Milan and will be held in presence. In the event that due to regional and governmental regulations or other causes beyond Newsteca's control it is not possible to hold the evening in person, the event will be held in virtual mode.
    The application amounts specified above will still be charged to the applicant company to partially cover the costs of organizing and communicating the event.
    The administrative office of Newsteca will issue the invoice at the time of the application.
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